USPS Is Testing a Futuristic Package Tracker Called “The Most Wonderful Ornament”


The United States Postal Service (USPS) has decided it wants to attempt to turn up the fun and turn down the stress during the holiday season. The courier will be testing a Christmas ornament this season that changes colors depending on the status of your delivery. Officially dubbed “The Most Wonderful Ornament,” it will track Domestic Priority Mail packages and update by changing to blue when it is out for delivery, red when it has been dropped off, and finally glow green when it has been opened. The festive tracker connects to any normal outlet and uses cellular technology and a sensor to update the status.

Unfortunately, as the product is in a limited trial run, it will not be available to the public this year. Be on the lookout for these in the future and check out the full details here. Let us know if you want one.


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