Solar-Powered Catamaran Gives Us a Look at the Future of “Green” Yachting


Swedish yacht designer Dennis Ingemansson and Turkey-based Ned Ship Group have come together on the 42-meter “Solar Dream” catamaran. The futuristic, solar-powered yacht boasts a 360-square-meter solar cell area and a hybrid propulsion solution with additional e-engines for slow cruising, providing with a glimpse into the future of “green” yachting.

The hull for the vessel in turn notes construction from carbon and composites, while the mast is height adjustable, making it easy to go under bridges of various sizes.

The 580-square-meter interior then welcomes three guest rooms, capable of accommodating up to 10 people, and luxe dual owner suites. Lastly, the control room houses up to four crew members, in addition to the captain.


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