Netflix Wants You to Build Your Own Personal Trainer


If you’re struggling to rid that dad bod in time for summer, then fear not, as Netflix is here to help. In a surprising move, the streaming giant has shared instructions for making your very own DIY personal trainer device.

For the project, Netflix has shared a materials list and all the files you’ll need for the gadget. Once built, it can then be clipped onto your belt or armband where it will play back a selection of motivational quotes from familiar faces including Terry Crews. Yes, if you’re slacking on the treadmill, Terry Crews will literally shout in your ear. Other fictional characters include BoJack from BoJack Horseman, Jessica Jones, Frank Underwood, and Dustin Henderson.

Even if you’re a Luddite, the instructions also come with some handy animations. Find them over at the Netflix Make It website here.

[youtube id=”NIidTpFVfT4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]


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