Netflix Is Looking for a #Foodporn Instagrammer and It Can Be You


Do you consider yourself an avid Instagrammer? Do you constantly find yourself surrounded by gourmet food? Are you able to combine these passions and successfully capture some #foodporn with each meal? If so, you might be a perfect candidate for the role of Netflix’s new Instagrammer for its show Chef’s Table.

As anyone who has scrolled through the homepage of Netflix looking for something to bingewatch knows, the promos for Chef’s Table are hinged on lusciously shot portraits of exotic dishes. These pictures don’t take themselves, and Netflix is turning to the public to find the lucky, talented individual who is up for traveling the world to both eat and capture some of the show’s featured foods. The right candidate will also be expected to chat with the master chefs in question, and to remain calm in the face of so much tantalizing food.

For info on how to apply for this dream job, visit Netflix’s application page.


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