Local Police & Fire Departments Would Appreciate It If You Didn’t Call 911 About Pokémon Go


Typically, most people try to avoid a trip to the local police or fire station, except apparently Pokémon Go players. 

Police and fire departments across the world are pleading with Pokémon Go players to stop calling their stations asking to hunt game characters inside, CNET reports.

Officials with California’s Covina Police Department say they have received at lease two Pokémon Go-related 911 calls since the game caught fire last week.

The department tells CNET that it sent the Tweet on Thursday in an attempt to stave off any players thinking of calling.

Similarly, the Los Angeles County Fire Department issued an urging of its own on Twitter, reminding game players that 911 is only for emergencies.

Of course, calls from players wanting access to the jail or other offices to catch characters isn’t the only part of the game law enforcement officials are dealing with.

CNET reports that the officers in Massachusetts have received a number of calls reporting suspicious activity that have turned out to involve gamers looking for characters.

In Washington state, police responded to a noise complaint that involved more than 100 players gathered in a park.


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