How Google Beat Yahoo in the War for the Internet


Ever wondered what happened to Yahoo? What was once one of the Internet’s leading names has since languished into obscurity, with rumors swirling that it will soon be taken over by The Daily Mail‘s publisher General Trust. Meanwhile, Yahoo’s arch-rival Google has pretty much taken over the world, launching everything from smartphones to self-driving automobiles.

The tech nerds over at Tech Crunch examine the two tech companies’ respective histories, arguing that Google won the battle for web domination thanks to an investment in slow, long-term development, while Yahoo raced ahead with developments that ultimately caused long-term complications, stunting the brand’s innovation when Google caught up. Not exactly action-packed gossip, but it’s an interesting tidbit into the business powering Silicon Valley’s thriving startup scene.

“I believe the lessons here extend beyond infrastructure or application engineering, and offer insight into what it takes to build a sustainable business. It speaks directly to one of the most important things I’ve learned from my time at Google: the need to completely understand the problem before even considering the solution…Google built a broad platform that extends across the entire web by focusing on simplicity and flexibility, while the complexity of Yahoo’s infrastructure may be the reason it ends up as a small part of another business.”

Head over to Tech Crunch to get the full scoop.


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