Explore (and Delete) Your Internet History & Activity with Google’s New Service


As the world’s most popular search engine, Google may very well be the confidant to some of your deepest, darkest Internet searches. Well now you can watch your personal archival apocalypse unfold, as Google has just launched a new service that reveals your entire Internet history and activity patterns.

With My Activity, Google account users can review all data the company has collected about your Internet-surfing behaviour across YouTube, Google Chrome, Android platforms and more, and have the ability to edit and delete whatever you please.

It’s no secret that the company has been tracking everyone’s comings and goings on the web, and the new feature will surely peak interest among the privacy-conscious (which, in reality, should be everybody). Along with an opt-in advertisement service, My Activity is now up and running, so check out your Internet activity now, if you dare.


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